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Update #152:


:platinum: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Trophy Update #211:


Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!

  • 2S6538bf.png bronze.jpg [Welcome to the Town of Lostime!] Completed the tutorial.

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Update #153:


complete-icon.png Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades - March 2019 Update



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Update #154:


complete-icon.png Borderlands - Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

Trophy Update #212:


Mortal Kombat 11

  • 58S8fc511.png silver.jpg [Gimme Dat Money] Spend 50,000 koins in the Naknadan shrine
  • 2S093daf.png bronze.jpg [Hit The Dojo] Komplete all Basics Tutorials
  • 59Scc8736.png bronze.jpg [Thank You For Being A Fan] Reach The Kredits
  • 16S086ca1.png bronze.jpg [Klassic] Komplete a Novice, Warrior, or Champion Klassic Tower once
  • 21S0ffa46.png bronze.jpg [Disco's Not Dead] Flip Stance 50 times during a match
  • 48S89c16a.png bronze.jpg [Oh My Days] Duck 100 times during a match
  • 18Seaf576.png bronze.jpg [Enough Already] Hit the Gong in the Krypt
  • 23S0a830a.png bronze.jpg [Thrashed] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Baraka
  • 24Sb3befa.png bronze.jpg [Family Values] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Cassie Cage
  • 25Sbe7f6b.png bronze.jpg [Balanced] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Cetrion
  • 27Sb8c2b9.png bronze.jpg [Bugging Out] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with D'Vorah
  • 10Se55526.png bronze.jpg [Not Dead Yet] Show MERCY 10 times
  • 28Sdd381f.png bronze.jpg [Kollecting Bounties] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Erron Black
  • 42S9a6bb0.png bronze.jpg [Never Ends] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Scorpion
  • 6S7216ad.png bronze.jpg [Deadly Encounter] Perform 15 different FATALITIES
  • 3Seea20b.png bronze.jpg [Ready To Kompete] Komplete all Advanced Tutorials
  • 4S80a2f7.png bronze.jpg [No Bad Match Ups] Komplete all Strategy Tutorials
  • 26S1bc46c.png bronze.jpg [Cyber Initiative] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Frost
  • 32Sec8018.png bronze.jpg [Caged] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Johnny Cage
  • 46S8756cf.png bronze.jpg [Turn Back Time] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Geras
  • 5S13c83f.png bronze.jpg [Blood In The Water] Spill 10,000 pints of blood
  • 43S737989.png bronze.jpg [Blood Bath] Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Skarlet

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Update #155:


:platinum: Mortal Kombat 11


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Update #156:

Se3bc1d.png Se3bc1d.png Se3bc1d.png Se3bc1d.png

:platinum: Borderlands / complete-icon.png Zombie Island of Dr. Ned / complete-icon.png The Secret Armory of General Knoxx / complete-icon.png Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Trophy Update #213:


Devil May Cry 3

  • 8Secb75d.png bronze.jpg [Worst Kept Secret] Complete a Secret Mission with any character
  • 16S42a5c4.png bronze.jpg [Man's Best Friend] Defeat Cerberus
  • 17S313897.png bronze.jpg [Pest Control] Defeat Gigapede
  • 18Sff002c.png bronze.jpg [Double Trouble] Defeat Agni and Rudra

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Posted (edited)

Update #157:


:platinum: Devil May Cry 3

Trophy Update #214:


Devil May Cry

  • 5Sd3c2c5.png gold.jpg [The Devil's In The Details] Purchase all of Dante's Skills
  • 34S45c543.png silver.jpg [Untouchable] Clear a mission without taking damage
  • 25S974487.png silver.jpg [Bookworm] Unlock 50% of all entries for every enemy file in the status menu
  • 7Sd742ba.png silver.jpg [The Secret Six] Complete six Secret Missions
  • 30S4cbcb3.png bronze.jpg [Blue Demon] Complete a Blue Orb
  • 6S9a6172.png bronze.jpg [Can You Keep A Secret?] Complete a Secret Mission
  • 10S5e76af.png bronze.jpg [Arachnophobia] Survive an encounter with Phantom
  • 11Se8515a.png bronze.jpg [You're No Angel] Survive an encounter with Nelo Angelo
  • 12S9eacca.png bronze.jpg [Squashed Like A Bug] Defeat Phantom
  • 23S3095d7.png bronze.jpg [Hot As Hell] Perform an S Rank Combo using Ifrit
  • 22S8b0722.png bronze.jpg [Thunderstruck] Perform an S Rank Combo using Alastor
  • 13Sbd0a91.png bronze.jpg [Bird of Prey] Survive an encounter with Griffon
  • 14Sfc6fa8.png bronze.jpg [Broken Halo] Fight Nelo Angelo a second time and prevail
  • 15S622984.png bronze.jpg [Cold Turkey] Fight Griffon a second time and prevail
  • 27Sd0ff18.png bronze.jpg [Seeing Red] Collect 10,000 Red Orbs
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