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[Spoilers] Terminator Genisys - My Theory on Who Sent The T-800 to 1973


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This is clearly all speculation and it's probably just all wrong, but I like to think it's what really happened. At least until they make the sequel.

After multiple attempts to kill Sarah Connor and John Connor, SkyNet realizes it's time to change strategy so it devises a plan, in which, other people will be forced to kill him in its place.

First of all a new infiltrator unit with Matt Smith's face, capable of working independently from SkyNet's network, is created and posing as a human it becomes a member of the resistance.

Everything is left to develop exactly as in Sarah's tapes for her son John, so that he doesn't suspect anything. In doing so SkyNet manages to trick John's unit, kill them and capture him.

The resistance wins the other fight that was going on to destroy SkyNet's core so only the Matt Smith terminator remains.

SkyNet converts John Connor into a T-3000 and sends him back to 2014 to develop a new SkyNet just as technologically advanced as this 2029 SkyNet was.

The rest of the resistance, not getting any answers from John's unit, find out what happened and decide to send back a T-1000 in 1973 to kill Sarah Connor to stop John being born and then converted into a terminator that will be sent back to create SkyNet.

SkyNet sends a T-800 to 1973 to save Sarah Connor and preserve the birth of John Connor so that it will be able to convert him in 2029.

After all a T-800 had already defeated a T-1000 before.

And this explain why the T-800 doesn't know who sent it back to the past. Nobody would trust it if it said "SkyNet sent me to save you".

The plan was for them to go to 1997 to stop judgement day, but that happened only because Cyberdine had the remaining parts of the T-800 from the first movie. We don't know the very first, original, date of the J-Day. The T-800 sent to 1973 has this information because SkyNet programmed it to fit the part of the story Kyle Reese has been told about from older John Connor.

So they would have found no incoming J-Day. Maybe they would have still tried to destroy Cyberdine, but the result was for them to either let it go, or do something an believe to be now safe and destroy the T-800/Pops (so it could not be use to create a new iteration of SkyNet).

Still, SkyNet plan had a flaw. Jumping on John while Kyle was in the quantum field of the time machine allowed him to remember a new past and discover that the new J-Day would come in 2017.

The T-3000/John Connor arrives in 2014. Gets hired from Cyberdine, becomes their guru and creates a new SkyNet.

In the meantime, after they manage to dissolve with acid the T-1000, T-800/Pops accepts the new 2017 date because it probably doesn't know about it and just tries to keep Sarah and Kyle together.

Everything that happens after that is an elaborate ruse between the T-800 (once he found out about Connor in 2014) and the T-3000 to make Sarah and Kyle believe they destroyed SkyNet that was, in truth, chilling in the basement.

This failsafe in the basement was possibly taken into account by the T-3000 mission parameters when, in 2014, it didn't manage to find any information about Kyle and Sarah in 1997 (since he new that the T-800/Pops would have built a time machine for them) and possibly finding out about the T-800/Pops still being around when he arrived in 2014.

This movie has SkyNet killing 2 birds with one stone.

1-SkyNet still exists and it's the most technologically advanced iteration of itself;

2-It managed to kill John Connor (older), while using him to create itself, and possibly never have him be born again or be too young to be a variable (since Kyle and Sarah are now both in 2017, he'd be 12 by 2029).

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