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killzone 2 dlc


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maybe a stupid question..but does anybody know where i can buy the dlc from killzone 2.
it's not in de ps store anymore,is there another way to obtain this..because it looks better when you obtain more than just the regular trophies..  i think it's 65 or 70 %  for platinum..and the dlc trophies are easier than the normal trophies.

plus i wanna kill with a flamethrower..last time was in bad company 2 and that's yeaaaars ago


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well that's stupid
the game is made in holland  but in the dutch store there is no dlc available..

sorry for my english

is there a way i can buy the dlc from the uk store or..  i'm don't have the knowledge of that sort of things.

goekie..als je het weet te vinden op de een of andere manier laat het me dan weten aub..meschien kunnen we samen f de dlc dingen doen..
daar loop je zo doorheen met potjes van 3 minuten.

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please does anyone know if it is available for me.  i'm living in holland and the game is made in holland..but the ps store doesn't have it.

goekie jij hebt toch alle dlc's ?
je hebt de game zelf op 100 procent sinds vorig jaar geloof ik. had je die dlc al veel eerder gekocht of vorig jaar pas ?

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ok thanks..but now is my question..when i buy them..where can i download them..because i don't see the dlc in the store so i can't download.

the mappack cost 12.99 so i click on it (pc) and then i buy..   and then what ?
i'm sorry i'm a total noob on this things

ok the page say the content will be on your downloadlist with the most recent games/contents first..
so i hope i don't waste my money on this one.

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