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Uncharted drake's fortune remastered doesn't work

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I bought the uncharted collection and a couple of days ago it stopped working i can only play for about 3-5 minutes and then it has an error and sends me back to the title screen of the ps4 i am however still able to play the others please give advice on what to do.

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Delete the game and re-install maybe? I have had no problems. 


I assume you've patched it? 


If the problem persists after a re-install, I'd get in touch with BluePoint, quoting the error code the PS4 gives you. Have you been "reporting the problem" when it crashes, as encouraged to do by the screen the PS4 throws up when this happens?

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Oh dear. I didn't have any problems with it. Perhaps the patch didn't install properly? I'd try deleting all game data (not save data) and reinstalling the game and patch just to see how that goes. If the problem persists I guess you could go back to the retailer you bought it from and ask for another copy of the game, just to see whether it's the disc or not.

I'm assuming you have the disc, but if it's a download maybe re-download the entire thing again to be sure it got downloaded properly.


After that the next thing to do would be to contact PlayStation in your region or as Stricken says, BluePoint with the error and a description of what's going wrong.


Out if interest, have you written down the error code and Googled it? That's usually a good place to start with error codes.

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As the others have suggested, delete the game install data and then re-install it. I've ran through the game three times so far and haven't run into a single glitch, issue or error. 


Also, is this a physical or digital copy of the game?




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If it is physical, grabbing another copy of it isn't such a bad idea.


I bought Black Ops 2 on Wii U ages ago right, brand new, didn't work. It'd get to the menu and crash EVERY SINGLE TIME. Disc was in perfect condition, Wii U was probably a week old at the time. No idea what was up. Swapped it out for another copy, that one worked fine. You, like me, might just be really unlucky.

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