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"Executed" Motivation!

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That's silly advice. Most of the objectives are significantly easier as you progress and research new gear. Most players are going to have to play the vast majority of the missions multiple times anyway to get the platinum.


Maybe so. I replayed "Lingua Franca" and "Back Up, Back Down (Extreme)" yesterday and lost all patience.

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Like Senor_T_Dub said, Most of the objectives are much easier when you have better gear from researching and your better off going that route instead of focusing on this trophy early on. I'm actually working on this trophy at the moment and I will admit; it is extremely boring. But because of all the high-tier gear I have, all the objectives I've done so far have been really easy to get. It's boring to do the same missions over again but at least you don't have to worry about it being difficult.

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Thanks, black_coyote49. Hopefully when The Division gets old I'll muster up the courage to try this again!


Mission Objectives are a stretch but not horrendous. What you can do is equip stealth camo and infinity bandana and just do each one; if each mission objective is one or another (meaning like backup and back down; if you dont extract all the 3 tanks before they leave the map), you can just focus on one or three mission objectives at a time (if it aligns on the same time) and once you get a white text on screen that you did "Completed Objectives [#/#]" and even a "Challenge Task Completed" then you can abort mission to ACC and go back and do the others ones. 


In my opinion, the side ops were a drag to do and farming fuel (especially processing for nukes and platform development). Mission objectives are manageable to do if you do abort to ACC method.

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I was cleaning up the normal version of 'Back up, back down' earlier and it was pissing me off, but with the Infinity Bandana, the 'no supply drop' was a piece of cake.

The one i dread is '

'No damage for Quiet' in 'A quiet exit.' I got the 'S,' but used mist and Quiet was getting lit up!

This is the worst part of the game for me. I had to try to listen to one convo, and it took me at least 4 tries because two guards somehow heard shots from the Wu pistol. I was trying to knock out guards near the convo part, but they were too aware. 

I want the Plat, so i'll pay the price of time and have patience.

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I found Eisode backup back down quite easy TBH as I recognized almost immediately that the Tanks-armoured transport go the same route as the first set. Then after that it was simple. I usually do side ops 3 in a row or simiar. Ive put in 345 hours (well more than that, but thats whats logged) and Ive got 30% side ops completed, and 34% of the total game done, with 15 S ranks [episodes 1 -15], 2 A ranks, 2 B ranks..


I like the side ops and you dont get ranked on them and its opportunity time to kill at will.

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