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Fight to the End! Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

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Following the lovely support i got from my very first event (which is still going if you would like to sign up  :giggle:), i've decided to do another event- but this time, around one of my favorite PS2 games. Welcome to Twilight of the Spirit's very own community event ^_^


If you haven't heard of Twilight of the Spirits, which i doubt of except on rare occasions, it's the fourth installment of the Arc the Lad series, and it's a tactical-slash-role playing game developed by Cattle Call, it was also brought to the PS4 just recently with trophy support, Yippeee. The story of Twilight of the Spirits goes around the Humans and the Deimos, an intelligent species of humanoid monsters, in their never-ending conflict...until one day (or should i say, "one" journey? :awesome:)


Goals to Achieve

Complete the game and/or obtain the lovely platinum of this game.



  1. Be friendly to the other Humans and Deimos in this event, this journey's purpose is to reunite goals, after all ^_^
  2. If you see an opportunity to help your fellow humans and deimos, please do so.
  3. Mind the spoilers, you are absolutely allowed to discuss the story and such if you use the spoiler tag. (To do so: go to "Special BBCode" and choose "Spoiler")
  4. Have fun, obviously =D

I would like to join this event

You are more than welcome to join this event, anyone can join at anytime through the game. Just be sure to post below if you would like to join (and please, specify if joining as a Participant or a "maybe") and the checkpoint you are at and i'll add you as soon as i have access to my PC.



Guides you can check


A tip for participants that are aiming for the Platinum trophy

Be sure to defeat (do *NOT* steal or leave her for last) a certain woman in Darc's second chapter, in Asheeda Forest, to obtain the Gorgeous Ring as a Drop.

Romantic Earrings locations: First one is obtained inside a Steel Box in the second battle against Droguza in Darc's story. Second one is gotten by donating 1,000G to an Ogre in a building next to Kirjath's tower inside Barbadoth. The third pair and countless amount of these earrings (i suppose) can be gotten by completing Cathena Arena's "Road to Bravery" challenge a second time and so on.

Lastly, be sure to pick up all Ancient Tablets and Spirit Dictionaries whenever possible.


Participants (and also, current title per participant)

None yet



None at the moment


Hall of Fame (members who achieved the Holy Savior title in this event, massive kudos for their hard work)


Main Checkpoints and Titles:


Checkpoint 0 (Title: Defense Corp Newbie)- Join the event, you only have to own the game to take part of this event!

Checkpoint 1 (Title: Nafia's/Windalf's Pride and Joy) - Finished Kharg and Darc's Chapter 1 and earned both The First Battle and Awakening trophies.

Checkpoint 2 (Title: Lilia's Guardian) - Finished Kharg and Darc's Chapter 2 and earned both the Setting Out and Ambition trophies.

Checkpoint 3 (Title: Griever of the Truth) - Finished Kharg and Darc's Chapter 3 and earned both the Conflict and Love and Hate trophies.

Checkpoint 4 (Title: The Manifestation of Bebedora's Feelings) - Finished Kharg and Darc's Chapter 4 and earned both the Rage and Reunion trophies.

Checkpoint 5 (Title: Brother-Complex Addict) - Finished Kharg and Darc's Chapter 5 and earned both the Truth and Evolution trophies.

Checkpoint 6 (Title: Smoke And Halos) - Finished Kharg's Chapter 6 and earned the Rivalry trophy.

Checkpoint 7 (Title: "Big Bad Guy") - Defeated the Final Boss (spoiler will not be said) and completed the game, prove so by earning the Spiritual Victory trophy.


Bonus Checkpoints and Titles (required for the platinum)

Date-a-Ready - Obtained both the Gorgeous Ring and three Romantic earrings and unlocked both the Expensive Taste and It's on the House trophies.

Scholar of both Realms - Obtained all of the Ancient tablets and Spirit dictionaries and unlocked both the Keeper of the Tablets and Deciphering the Spirits trophies.

A Certain Smell and Cog.... - Win both Choco and Diekback from the Arenas and unlocked both the An Ancient Curiosity and You Rang? trophies.

Power Puff Lad(s) - Reached LV50 with Kharg and Darc and unlocked both the Strength of Humans and Strength of Deimos trophies.

Title depends on the chosen companion that reached LV50 - Reached LV50 with a Companion of your choice and unlocked the Strength in Numbers trophy.

[branching] Dusky-Crimson String of Jealousy - Reached LV50 with Paulette.

[branching] The Power of a Pink Tsundere - Reached LV50 with Delma.

[branching] Arrowhead of a Prince - Reached LV50 with Maru.

[branching] One-Thousand-Cries of a Lupine - Reached LV50 with Volk.

[branching] Axe-Use Me for Dominating - Reached LV50 with Ganz.

[branching] Beauty in the Look, Rotten on the Inside - Reached LV50 with Camellia.

[branching] Beauty is Science, Science is Beauty - Reached LV50 with Tatjana.

[branching] I'm a Container that is Full, and for that i'm Empty - Reached LV50 with Bebedora.

[branching] Playtime is NOT Over - Reached LV50 with Choco.

[branching] The Heart of a Machine is....a Yellow Flower? - Reached LV50 with Diekbeck.

Laddie-of-all-trades/Lassie-of-all-trades - Learned every skill possible for Kharg and Darc and unlocked the Well Versed trophy.

Spirit World's Prince of All Champions! - Complete *all* of the Arena Challenges and unlocked the Crowd Pleaser trophy.

The Holy Savior - Earned all of the trophies, and unlocked the Spirit Master trophy.


Everyone is free to join at any time, and at any point in the game. You're also free to exchange help, info, etc. through this event xD

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Ah, still need to finish the third game (100% Job Run, of course), then I'll be able to tackle this one.

Good luck to everyone! To the newcomers, if you'll get interested in this series thanks to this event, be sure to check out the original PS1 trilogy. The complete plot of these games is great.

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  • 1 month later...

Welp, i left this event unattended intentionally until i've obtained the platinum trophy, and so i did yesterday night, so i could encourage or help anyone who would like to join.


Also, trophy guide is in the progress ^_^

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