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Cornering faceoff's


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Hi, im doing all dlc's in the order they was released. Never had troubles with cornering faceoffs before apex. Now its my main problem instead. I always did them at low speed and not so much perfectly. Now i have to switch to bumper view and retry it several times, even 20 times! Whats the trick here? Staying at an ideal speed? Have the line in center, left, or right? Please help me!

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Never noticed a difference in the cornering face-offs and I did them DLCs in order too(thought I was the only one to do that).Anyway when I had trouble with them I would always go slow and complete them that way...I don't believe speed matters for cornering face-offs cuz in this case speed never was an important factor to me.The trick is always being in 1st while trying them,this way no car will disturb you when you're going through the lines.

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