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Anyone else's profile not updating?


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August 1st was the last time I could update my profile. It doesn't give me an error when I try update it or anything, still the same "Success" message, but nothing changes.  Something is wrong here as it seems no one else has this issue.




EDIT: Thanks for the help. It appears that not publicizing your trophies doesn't allow PSNProfiles to keep track of them. Thanks everyone for the help!

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Don't tell me the bug is back o.O

Sly should have fixed that.




You may want to double check your privacy settings, just to be sure. Sometimes people change them on accident. Then earn another trophy and try again.

Ya, i just checked on the playstation app and your trophies are not public, just change your privacy settings.

He does not have hidden trophies, that would normally happen in case of privacy settings.

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