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Uncharted 4: Single Player DLC Ideas!


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Seeing as Uncharted 4 released almost four months ago. I was wondering what the single player DLC could be about. It could really be anything. Personally I think it could be to do with Sam and Sulley. Because at the end of the game, when you are walking around the house you can read a letter from Sulley. He talks about how he and Sam have been off doing things and joking about giving up smoking. This is about fourteen years since when Sam and Sulley partnered up. Because of that time span Naughty Dog can really do anything within in this time frame. What do you think? 

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I'm not a fan of Sam personally, I want to play as the Drake family dog, or maybe bring back Charlie Cutter


Yeah, I wouldn't like a DLC with Sam either, I don't like that character. I do really hope Charlie and/or Chloe can be part of/have a major role in the upcoming DLC.

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