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  • 10 months later...

I just finished the last of the normal mode to rogues last night. Peobably between 10-12 hours total so far. You can restart tight in the middle of a fight, and even a few seconds after the boss dies, so if your particular trophy doesn't pop you don't have to run all the way back. 


I have info from an off site friend that the Valhalla mode trophies don't have to be cloud saved. He says that each boss has a score sheet type thing, and you just need to do each one without damage once and without powers once, in order to fill it out. Once you've done all the bosses each way the trophies will pop. I plan on starting Valhalla mode tonight so I'll confirm or change this when I see it for myself. 


So far it's hard but not too bad. Probably around a 7 or 8 / 10 for now. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

About to give the game a try. Looks like it can be done in 2 (most likely 3) playthroughs. Just by looking at the trophies my guess is that it's something like that:

1. First Playthrough (Normal) + Finding all collectibles + Boss Specific trophies + 100% the game (not sure what the precentage is based on tho) + if possible do any boss speedrun trophies

2. Second Playthrough (Normal) for all remaining boss speedrun trophies

3. Third Playthrough (Valhalla Mode) + no damage + no powers


@Hemiak I'm interested to see if you could provide any insight on this.

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Yeah I finished it up last week. Absolutely nothing is missable, so technically only two runs. You can replay bosses as many times as you want, and revisit the areas to pick up anything you missed. One cool thing is that once the area boss is dead, all the "collectible" stuff shows up on your map. The Rune and boss power in each sub level is always on the map. 


100% =

All powers - 9

All apples - 9

All points of interest -?? (Mimir - 9, level panoramas/lore -??) 

All 6 bosses killed at least once. 


I had everything collected and the 100% trophy popped when I killed the final boss the first time. 


Valhalla is a boss rush mode. It starts you out with all powers and Max health, and you don't have to play any of the sub-levels. You have a scoreboard you can check at any time. For each boss it shows best time, best(lowest) damage taken, best (lowest) God powers used. When the right two columns have all 0s you're done. 


You could probably technically ignore the no damage and no god runs on normal and just stack them with the Valhalla mode run, but I'm not sure if that would actually be a good idea or save you much time. Also not sure if the troohies will actually unlock that way, but they should. 


I'd give the game a solid 8/10 difficulty, and I think it took me around 32 hours. On Valhalla especially there's a lot of RNG and some of the bosses can be really annoying. One of them can actually one shot you if things go horribly wrong. :facepalm: It's just a matter of getting good enough and then waiting for the right run. 


Always willing to share info if people need it. 



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Yeah, finished the normal playthrough very easily and fast. The goddamn Valhalla mode is insanely hard, just like @Hemiak mentioned it involves too much RNG (which to me is the dumbest design for boss battles). Only have Fe (no powers), Jera, and Odin.


Incredibly frustrating game with some straight up bad design decisions.

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Honestly I feel like Fe was the hardest boss on Valhalla. Hagalaz is rough to no damage, and a few of them are difficult without powers, but I think Fe took me twice as long as any or the other bosses. 


Funnily, I found Odin to be the easiest boss to no damage on Valhalla mode. I almost finished him within the normal mode speed run time. xD

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  • 4 weeks later...

So, a dumb question: when the trophies say something like "Beat Valhalla Mode with no damage", do they simply mean beat each of the bosses one time with no damage? 


Anyway, just started this last night. I like it, but it moves a bit too slow for my taste.


EDIT: Answered my own question. Made a lot of progress in this game, and now, it seems so long ago that I thought it moved too slow. It's an awesome game.

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  • 3 years later...

Valhalla Odin and Hagalaz made this a 9/10 difficulty, and Fé wasn't much kinder. Unfairness is a huge deal-breaker for me when it comes to action games, and Jotun is far too heavy on unavoidable, random damage for my tastes. If Odin's AI decides to summon a particularly nasty combination of jötunn along with his homing spears, you're likely screwed, no matter how you react. I practiced that crap for nearly five hours, and half of the failed attempts weren't even my fault. Unlike many (superior) action games, Jotun doesn't feature a period of invincibility after being hit, so you can easily be combo-ed from full health to nothing in an instant, if things go south. Shockingly atrocious boss design.


I also discovered that the game's weird isometric perspective seriously messes with hitboxes and timings—it's especially noticeable with Fé's shield throw and Isa's ice breath. Depending on whether you're above or below the bosses, it changes how you have to deal with the attack. Deflecting Fé's shield from the bottom of the screen feels much easier than from the top, for instance. Additionally, sometimes the camera suddenly zooms way out, making it difficult to time things like hitting Odin's spears with your axe. Very irritating!


Ended up making a Perfect Valhalla video guide, if you wish to see the fruits of my suffering. It includes "Shun the Gods" Hagalaz and Odin as a bonus, since I found those to be the toughest fights in the game by far, and there's also a bunch of tips in the description:






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