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Gravity Rush 2 - 10 Minutes of Gameplay Footage


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Oh, so it was translated demo, should have watched it before playing, lol xD Without the Huge Nevi, that is.


Aaaaanyway, played the demo and... it looks great. And... it would look the same on Vita  :shakefist:


Here are some things I picked up:

  • You can go back in comic story sequence (yatta!)
  • The map is SERIOUSLY big. I could only see the overview but damn, there are seriously many places :D
  • Gravity Mode change is done with touchpad. That may prove to be a bit annoying if we need to do it in quick succession. Light Mode - seems less useful right now, it will probably be useful in challenges and quick running away. Heavy Mode - seriously BROKEN :D This mode is way too OP you charge yourself and then obliteration happens =D
  • Stats seem to be somehow nerfed (X boost is pretty slow) but at least Kat has her special move available.
  • Enemies have target now that makes it easier to hit them. In addition, there is a special target for shooting that shows available ammo. Also, dunno if it was because of the demo but it seems that instead of holding :circle: to get full ammo and collect it, you only need to press :circle: once and you get 5 items
  • Boss fights are pretty epic, but it looks like parts breaking from karige =D


All in all, Kat-tan is cute.

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