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1.03 Patchnotes:


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Hey, today patch 1.03 was released.


The patch itself weighs in around 3.2GB and offers various bug fixes, New Game+ mode that allows players to carry over certain data from a previous playthrough and additional bonus content. Bonus content includes the new photo frame feature where players can choose from a variety of themed photo frames that can be applied to Prompto’s many photographs.

Note that by starting New Game+ you’ll overwrite your original save. The things carried over seem to be items, costumes and settings, weapons, levels and Ascension skills. The upgraded Engine Blade (Ultima Blade), however, will go back to its original version and the Regalia returns to its stock state should you have transformed it to the airship model. 

Unfortunately, New Game+ does not offer any additional difficulty levels beyond Easy and Normal. Enemy difficulty also remains unchanged.


What does carry over to NG+?


  • Experience and level
  • Ascension skills
  • Survival, fishing, cooking and photography Level
  • Outfits
  • Weapons except The Engine Blade‘
  • Royal Arms
  • Accessories
  • Items
  • Gil
  • Spells
  • Ignis’ recipes
  • Regalia customization,  customization colors, decals and parts
  • Chocobo riding skill and their customization
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