Potential RE7 trophies and potential Spoilers?

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Found this online from someone who had datamined the Begining Hour demo.


It all certainly look like it could be in the final game.



A.c.h.i.e.v.e.m.e.n.t.S.t.a.t.s... C.o.u.n.t.O.f.K.i.l.l.e.d.B.y.K.n.i.f.e... 
.C.o.u.n.t.O.f. K.i.l.l.e.d.B.y.A.t.t.a.c.h.B.o.m.b... _.C.o.u.n.t.O.f.U.s.e.d.C.u.r.e... _.C.o.u.n.t.O.f.O.p.e.n.I.t.e.m.B.o.x... ..C.o.u.n.t.O.f.R.e.p.u.l.s.e.d.I.n.T.h.e.A.i.r... C.o.u.n.t.O.f.R.e.p.u.l.s.e.d.M.o.t.h.e.r... C.o.u.n.t.O.f.C.l.o.s.e.D.o.o.r.s... C.o.u.n.t.O.f.B.r.o.k.e.n.I.n.s.e.c.t.D.o.o.r.s.B.y.K.n.i.f.e... Co.u.n.t.O.f.S.u.c.c.e.e.d.e.d.G.u.a.r.d.s... .C.o.u.n.t.O.f.B.r.o.k.e.n.A.l.l.M.o.l.d.e.d.P.a.r.t.s .C.o.u.n.t.O.f.T.w.o.K.i.l.l.e.d.A.t.O.n.e.S.h.o.t..



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HIGHLY doubt there's gonna be a trophy for closing X number of doors. Some of these make no sense: "Count of Repulsed In the Air" "Count of Used Eye Lotion" (dafuq is that? you mean EYE DROPS???). Some of these may very well be trophies, like the Cleared FF, files, and coins, but the trophy list will probably get released in the next 12 days or so, so I wouldn't sweat it.


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Eye Drops could make sense, depending on how it's used and all that.  As in, if it's something that happens to you character in the game, blurs their vision and you use eye drops to clear it up, could make sense to make a trophy for how many times you use it.  But yeah, still not too much to go by, so, we shall have to wait and see.


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