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Glitched Trophies


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7 minutes ago, CHARLIE79 said:


I did it ALL! Cora's is fully leveled (before doing Loyalty missions, Cora and others CANT upgrade to rank 6 in there powers). I have all the Arks at the Nexus but still that story mission did not pop up. Only a couple mini task missions I did not do. I am at the last missions of the main story.

Wait you can't go back to one of your old saves? i mean i save before every important mission..

Maybe something was caused the glitch but it's strange you talking about a story mission trophy..

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  • 3 years later...

Liam Costas loayalty trophy United glitched to me. I libererated all outposts and then that mission moved to the compeleted quests list automaticly, i didnt have to return it to Liam. I went talking to Liam next and he just gave me some new quest, i completed tree or four his quests after that just to make sure its glitched. No trophy.

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