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All DLC?

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Hi guys, so i bought the Metal Gear Solid V The Definitve Experience physically, and was wondering where are all the dlcs? Like from their website apparently i should have gotten some MB credit on online but got nothing at all and some gear. Are these dlc's and ground 0 included on disc or some seperate code? I did buy the game pre-owned mind you. 


Also, from the main menu i only have "Download metal gear ground 0 Save Data", is that the ground 0 game?

Mind you even tho this game is pre-owned i was able to activate the code for the Day 1 bundle

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Please anyone knows? Id like some answers. I dont have ground 0 and thatd what i mostly care for atm. In menu it  says to download mgsv:gz save data but i dont have it. I thought GZ comes with the disc??

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4 minutes ago, kidson2004 said:

Ground Zeroes is a stand alone title, meaning (If I'm right) you'll need to have the data from GZ in order to access the DLC. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. 

my friend just bought his ps4 and never bought GZ. he bought the definitive experience and he got GZ along with all online DLCs

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That is not the DLC you are looking for. The DLC MP credit may have come in code form and was used already but the DLC in TPP was only MP stuff anyway, play as quiet, etc etc. You may have to Play Metal Gear Online for it to populate your credits but the "Download Ground Zero data" option is not what your looking for- all that does is unlock another skin for Snake during TPP single player gameplay

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50 minutes ago, lordzeze said:

All the DLC is on disc. When you first boot up the game it will go through a bunch of pop up menus saying you unlock "x" DLC. Also every time you boot up the game it will ask if you want to play Ground Zeros first.

no, never got any of those pop ups. the only ones i got was to download the Data version and Online game data to play MGO...

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22 minutes ago, predator086siren said:

Everything should be on the Disc

Dlc and Ground Zeroes

Maybe you have the box from the definitive edition but the regular disc version sometimes that happens with used copies


I think that is what happened.


OP: Does your disc say Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes + Phantom Pain?

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