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Are there still easy levelling up methods ?


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On January 6, 2018 at 3:47 AM, Kurorac said:

I have the GOTY Edition for PS3 and have to bring my smithing up to 80 for Stahlrim Crafter (DLC).

Is there an efficient way to do this?

Well if you want to level up smithing and happen to have enchanting around same level you can craft and enchant stuff then sell and use the money to buy more materials to create. I know the easiest way to get 100 smithing w/o glitches was making Dwarven bows as you can get a lot of Dwarven metal ingots. I did smithing and echanting twice by resetting it via legendary status and that helped a lot. If you dont mind wasting money you could also visit the skyforge and get some lessons, i know at 80+ it will cost about $20,000 but if you have a lot of enchanted items to sell you can make it back easily. Just remember that Banish and petty gems is the ideal enchantment to use until you get dual enchanting and can add paralyze. 

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I leveled sneaking from around 50 to 100 in Whiteruns "The Bannered Mare". In the back corner next to the stairs to the upper level I rubberbanded my controller to "sneakwalk against the wall". You won't be seen and it counts for your sneaking skill. Did that for about 5 hours while doing other stuff and leveled my character from 25 to 30 with that.

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After playing through on my alt. I have a lot of fast workarounds for a lot more skills.

-Either buy a lot of materials, farm them, or loot them. Then, go to a crafting table and make Potions. Make sure to enchant your Gauntlets, Rings, Necklaces, and Circlets with Alchemy for a maximum effect and huge XP boost before you start.
Prerequisite: Use the Skyrim Wiki for Material Effects.

Note: The best Potions are Poisons, Fortify Health and Carry Weight, and Illusion.



-Telekinesis Glitch

Prerequisite: Need Secret of Arcana Spell or 100% Enchantment of Alteration.


-Hold Detect Life in Populated Cities or Camps

Prerequisite: Detect Life Spell


-Transmutating Iron Ore and Silver Ore to Gold Ore
Prerequisite: Transmuation Spell


-Activate Armor Spells during Fights or Nearby Enemies

Prerequisite: Any “flesh” spells.



-Grind all these skills off Shadowmere (Dark Brotherhood) or off any unkillable non-aggressive NPC.

Note: Shadowmere isn’t invincible, so turn the difficulty to Master to avoid killing it.


Block/Light Armor/Heavy Armor:

-Visit a giant by yourself and have them hit you repeatedly. You must heal regularly to avoid death. Ideally you should save every 10 levels. If you reset your skills by going Legendary, then you will take a lot more damage.



-Use Soul Trap on a Corpse

Prerequisite: Soul Trap Spell and 100% Enchanted Conjuration Skill



These two go hand in hand.

-Make Small Iron Daggers or Craft Bows/Arrow. Then, Enchant the item with Any Soul Gems.

Note: Keep checking Merchants for new Enchantments and Disenchant them. Paralyze and Banish are the best Enchantments available for weapons and Waterbreathing for Helmets.


-Buy a lot of Iron Ingots. Then, make Building Materials off Iron Ingots. Repeat until you run out.

-Best places to get materials is by stealing them. Markarth has Dwarven materials available near Calcemo, there’s some ingots outside the Understone Keep and near Alvor’s house in Riverwood. You can also buy these off Merchants.

-Make Jewelry off Silver and Gold Ingots and Gems. Transmutation skill or mining and buying Silver Ore/Ingots helps a lot. Gems are very common.



-Keep Spamming Muffle.



-Buy a lot of Lockpicks, then break them in any Lock. The Skeleton Key makes short work of this. (Thieves Guild)



Very slow skill to level up, but easy.

-Always pick gems or jewelry.

-Pickpocket money off Trainers.

-Add items and remove them.

-Make a ton of manual saves.


Refer above for Method 1.

-Dual cast Heal in the Light

Prerequisite: Have the Darkness Returns quest active and have Grand Healing spell unlocked with 100% Reatoration Enchantment.



-Can Power Level in the beginning with the Bear by doing power attacks on the NPC or by walking into the wall.

Note: This will leave you at a huge disadvantage combat wise.


-Do Power Attacks while Sneaking on the Greybeards or any unkillable, non-aggressive NPC.


-Combine the Dark Brotherhood Gauntlets with Daggers. If you have the Assassin’s Blade, then you deal 30x damage over the standard 15x with Gauntlets only.



-Buy all potions from an Alchemist and sell them back, as well as your Enchanted goods and Potions.

Warning: Once an NPC Merchant hits 30,000 Gold, they will buy your stuff at 0 cost and you must reload your save given you just broke the game.


-Use Thieves Guild Hood with a Speechcraft or Barter Necklace for better prices.


Lastly, the Alteration-Telekinesis Glitch is the best way to max out your level for your character. On Legendary edition, the level cap is 252, and 81 if you don’t make any skill legendary.

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