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[SOLVED] Cannot Restore Deleted Profile on PSNProfiles


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SOLUTION: Use https://psnprofiles.com/account/delete and Restore/Delete (on the left), NOT the field on the right. that's registration. Use the same field that you used to delete your account to restore it back again.




A couple of days ago, I requested my profile to be deleted -- username l33sar54. I entered the unique code in the About Me section on my console, and was notified that the profile is deleted. Since then, I decided to come back (because I realized I can't live without PSNProfiles anymore) and wanted to restore my account. Here's the issue:


I asked for my profile to be restored, entered the unique code in the About Me section and was told Welcome back. Unfortunately, everytime I tried to update my card, I got the following:


This user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked


(that's without logging in, just trying to update my profile as anonymous user). If I decide to log in, I get:


User not in database. You may need to restore your profile before you can log in.


I restored my account several times to no apparent effect. So everytime I want to log in to the site, I need to go through the Restore Account process instead of just typing my username and password which is very annoying. Could you please help?


tl;dr: Can't login, site says I don't exist but I want to.


P.S.: Forum login works fine for some reason, it's everything else.

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I just earned a random trophy, synced with PSN and then tried to restore my profile here. I got the same result, User not in the database when trying to log in after I entered the code to the About Me section and choosing a new password.


Anyone can offer any other tips? Is there an admin I can reach out to?

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2 hours ago, Sly Ripper said:


Doing it again will restore it. You've been trying to register again.


That worked, thank you very much. Buying that premium membership now as a token of my appreciation.


I'm not sure if I can mark this thread as resolved, I'll look around for that option.

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