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Questions about FOB.

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I have finished mission 22, and thus "created" a FOB. I am at a loss with the whole aspect of it.

Can I still be attacked and lose resources whether if I chose not to upgrade the FOB?

I didn't update the MGO nor the base game either. Does it change the fact that I get attacked or not?

Should I just switch to offline mode, as many have suggested in other posts? It says "FOB damage and rewards from online features will be reflected the next time you connect online" Does that mean that whether I go offline or not, I can still get attacked?

Thank you for the answers.

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Your base can get attacked at any time whether or not you are online. I just let it sit in the background and kind of run itself as i'm not quite sure how it works. I think you should stay onling though. When you are online you have access to online resource, so you can carry a lot more GMP (250,000,000 in the online storage i think). You can also get rewards for S ranking missions or completing mission tasks if you stay connected online. 


Heres a video that explains how FOBS work better than I did.


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If you don't attack other players and don't build nukes (apart for the one you need for a trophy, which you should dismantle right after for yet another trophy), there are very low chances of you being attacked. I've had this game for almost a year now and I've never been attacked, so if you're not interested in this game's multiplayer, just let your FOB be.


I still suggest you to upgrade it, since more FOB platforms increase your maximum personnel capacity.

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Long as your rank stays low, you won't get much recognition on other player's lists.. I played this a while ago on PS3 and got into the infiltration thing a bit.. but there are some seriously skilled infiltrators out there who can get past all the S+ security haha.. not me. You can still infiltrate safely without becoming a major target.. and even when you are hit, you loose basically nothing, and even if you did, your supply would be massive.. because you actually should be infiltrating other players.. you can get huge amounts of resources this way, to easily cap your GMP too. I'm not sure if it's changed, but it used to work like this..


You find another lowbie who happens to have a ton of resources on their FOB... iirc it should give you a list of what they have.. infiltrate, and steal everything~ make it to the core for a win, and see if you can infiltrate them again.. sometimes, you could hit the same easy base w/ tons of mats multiple times before it locked you out. I remember doing this for even the the problem resources, and was able to get basically infinite GMP also, as you can reach the max whenever you want.


Building the entirety of your FOBs can be fun too, and setting the security.. and eventually you can hold 300+ people on each team so it's great to upgrade and infiltrate.

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