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Epic Hero broken?


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So I know a lot of people have said Epic Hero is bugged and pops at 900.  I've hit wave 1200+ a few times and am yet to pop it.   I have all the in-game 'challenges' for beating them.


Any thoughts on how to make this stupid thing pop.  This is seriously one of the buggiest trophy lists ever.

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I've got to 2000+ quit a few times and have yet to unlock epic hero. I've resynced the clock to normal time and got to 1200+ with a auto clicker with no time skips and didn't unlock it. (though my mercenaries timer was still broken) How did you manage to get it to unlock? 

at this rate ill have all the trophies except this one.


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Ascend, then when you're approaching 900 (like 895ish) allow auto-save then exit app. Re-open but do not use any time skip glitches etc, complete 900 normally and it should pop. That's what fixed it for me.

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