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Tips for newcomers or finding it too hard.


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Use flashpods on flying monsters to bring them down, use screamerpods on burrowing monsters to make them pop up. 


Use traps during fights, they will let you get some free easy damage without any risk. 


When on a hunt remember you can always go back to camp to restock items from inside the tent.

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- Standing in front of pretty much every monster is risky so avoid that. Stick to the sides and/or back instead 

- Never be too greedy with your attacks. The monsters will make you pay

- Learn the monsters' moves. Most you will find are highly telegraphed and not that bad to dodge/block

- Use weapons revolved around your playstyle. I personally hate being slow so I tend to stick with weapons with high mobility, like the bow and dual daggers

- Mount monsters (off slides and jumps) any chance you can get because they could possibly lead to the monster being temporarily immobilized

- Play with others. It's nice to not always have the monsters attention

- Upgrade your pieces of armor and weapons as you progress

- Fight monsters with weapons elements they are weak against (Fire, thunder, ice ETC.)

- Use dung pods to make non-target monsters flee when they interfere with a hunt (Sometimes it's best to let it play out instead)

- Don't be afraid to use your resources (Potions, Traps ETC.)

- Eat before every hunt  

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