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PvP trophies


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The latest DLC patch (which they call Modules), dropped some PvP trophies that make me sick to my stomach. Given I did a lot of MMORPG pvp in WoW back in the day, I am not excited about this. Are there any tips the community can share about how to achieve these with the least pain possible? 


Note: I am not a PvP'er. I calculated that I should get 50 wins per 100 games played if I am lucky. Each game, I estimate 1-3 captures complete. Each match is about ~10 minutes. So... 1.5 captures every 10 minutes means 9 captures per hour... ~56 hours of PvP play to get all my captures completed. 

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This game will remain the hidden game on my profile forever. They have added some ridiculous trophies over the last few months and I won't be investing anymore time into it, even though I absolutely love MMORPGS (I'm even lvl 690 with all characters on Elder Scrolls Online on PC for starters). 

I don't think they will be boostable, so it'll just be a ton more time added to the already extensive trophy list.

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I haven't played Neverwinter in a while so I didn't know that PvP trophies were getting released. My suggestion is that you join a guild, particularly one that specilises in PvP matches. Keep an eye on the chat as guilds are always recruiting. You can also purchase armour/weapons in your guild that are particularly useful for PvP matches. Might take a tiny bit of grinding but then everything in this game requires grinding so you should be used to it by now ;)

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Got a very good method to get these two, confirmed they can be boosted, me and my group are currently working on the wins now, we have the capture points one. 

For those of you that want to join me then add my PSN: YamiDakareto and I'll invite you to my Discord server. I will only boost with people that are reliable and actually show up to my sessions on time. Need a big group for this. 

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