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Trophies not syncing

HcG Clawz

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For some reason whenever i try to sync my trophies on my PS4 it doesn't sync. It's not a specific game it happens to every game. Booted up a completely new game and didn't want to load the trophies. Tried to start up. Dying reborn which should give you a trophy for just starting the game and nothing, tried Energy Invasion where you have the same kind of trophy and still nothing. Its definitely a problem with my PS4 since my PS4 Pro, ps3 and vita work fine.


Has anyone experienced anything like this or know a solution to this?

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This happened to me about 3 months ago. If it is the same problem then it is probably one of the last trophies you synced successfully is actually blocking the upload. I ended up reconstructing PS4 database and problem was fixed. You will need to earn every trophy again since the last successful sync. Would also recommend backing up your trophy screenshot saves if that is important to you as they will be deleted. Game download is not deleted.


I have a feeling the PS4 can't handle 16K+ trophies but would be interested to hear from players with even more if they have had any problems. 

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