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Can the MP trophies be Self Boosted?


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20 minutes ago, SnowxSakura said:

I think you need 4 people for the 3 team based modes for auf wiedersen petrovic


It would also be extremely difficult to do fly the co-op solo


Funnily enough only Hangman's Noose is impossible to do on your own with 2 PS3s, but you do need to be absurdly great at the game to also solo Deal Breaker and Bomb Da Base II, while Hangman's Noose is actually the easiest mission to do with a co-op partner. I did basically "self boost" the game, because I also joined public lobbies to get enough players while doing the 3-4 player modes and put my alt on the other team to help me out, but I don't recommend doing that anymore because modders might significantly increase your money amount. There's no point in me really saying much as @ProfBambam55's guide is the best resource available for the multiplayer trophies for this game and he has linked it above. 

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3 hours ago, ProfBambam55 said:

step 11 of this guide deals specifically with your question...https://psnprofiles.com/guide/3606-grand-theft-auto-iv-multiplayer-trophy-guide


also, feel free to join up here while it lasts...



Thank you! I was glancing through your guide earlier at work and didn't see it mentioned. Going to do a thorough read through here soon. Thanks for the reply. 

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