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any tips for sweet 16?


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Check out the guide, it is a relatively straight forward trophy. 




All that you need to do is complete the game having died no more than 80 or so times. There is a life counter in the bottom of your screen. Play a few levels without dying and then upload your save to the cloud. That way if you start dying too much, you can re-download your save and continue on. This is a time consuming process but it will allow you to get to the end with very minimal amounts of deaths.

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Bought the game last week and it's really cool. it's not that hard when you cloud your save every round. i'm in round 56 now and have only lost two heroes so far with this method. it's a bit annoying but once this stupid trophy is out of the way the rest is fun and not hard at all. my plan is to finish to round 70 / 75 with this method and than i will try to end the mode and burn all remaining heroes due to the fact that i will have plenty of lives left ( around 65 lives in best case ) even if it won't work i have the backup save in the cloud.



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Works well with the upload/download trick.
I really saved after every round to be maximum relaxed for the next round and for Nick Of Time and Jackpot Juggernaut

Sometimes it's better to execute a hero for the chance to get a better one, like a hero that can fly or smash walls

For collecting (maybe 8?) gold coins you can revive one out of three heroes you already lost, given randomly

You should mostly be fast to also collect

Jackpot Juggernaut / Score 888,888 points


After finishing 88 rounds in less than 80 minutes and with more than 16 heroes left you will unlock 4 more trophies:
Galactic God / Complete the Space Station

Nick Of Time / Finish with 8 minutes (or more) remaining on the Doomsday Timer

2-4-6-8, Who Do We Appreciate? / Complete 88 Mode with 8 heroes remaining

Sweet Sixteen / Complete 88 Mode with 16 heroes remaining


Have fun!

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