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EU- and US-versions are compatible!

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Hey there everyone :)


Yesterday I was boosting the EU-version of the game with two copies by myself.


Due to the game not being available digitally, I decided to order an US-version of it as well and look out for a boosting partner.

Fortunately, the US-copy was delivered to me yesterday.


Knowing that some online portions of games aren't compatible across different versions (like Borderlands 1 INT and JP), I wanted to give it a shot and tried to play online with one EU-disc and the freshly arrived US-disc. I got very lucky in terms of this, as I was actually able to play together with those two versions.


Basically this means that you need only one EU-disc and one US-disc in order to earn the online trophies for both versions if boosting by yourself.

Make sure not to forget to invite another player while playing the US-version as there is the additional trophy "Friendly".


I hope this helps anyone who is still interested in this game.


Best of success to you!


Greetings from Germany :) 


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