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Ng+ is it based on your characters level ??


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Hi there i just have this one question before I start my next game plus , is the difficulty going to be based on my level ? Meaning if a level 150 char goning to get the same difficulty as a level 50 char when startring NG+.

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No but enemies and bosses are a bit stronger, but they drop more Souls in turn. Also, if you have a Gravelord Servant infecting your world, there will be red phantom enemies that look like regular enemies attack you. They usually aren't too big of a deal but they are harder and from my experience don't stagger. The only way to stop this from happening is either killing a Gravelord Servant yourself or other players doing it, or going offline. I mention this because it's a NG+ thing.

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In general, assuming you are not speed running or doing some meta-gaming challenge, the loop of Souls games and other Souls-a-Likes, is:


First playthrough is tough, but you end up quite high level due to needing to/being forced to/ just accidentally grinding while exploring, so...


NG+ is significantly easier, as you are starting over-levelled, which means you get through quicker, levelling less, so...


NG++ is harder again, so you end up going up levels by repeating sections a lot and levelling, so...


NG+++ is easier again....


and so forth and so forth etc.

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