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Anthem Release Date is Official


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I'm still baffled about Anthem, even I like the idea, though..

Fluent combat, ok. It's a looter game without loot? Hmm..

It's supposed to be huge open world, but environment looks almost the same.

Endgame's still questionable..weapon mechanics are ok, but nothing new. Story, not even there.

There's still so much to fix. EA forcing every studio using frostbite engine is a shame, it's clearly made for fps not inventory depending open world games..

..loading screen times will never get fix with updates and all in all it's buggy as hell..

Personally, definitely gonna wait couple couple month before even considering to buy this game at full price..

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Not surprising as it's their first attempt at the "games as a service" model. I'm expecting it to be one of those titles that's mediocre at launch that turns into something great after several updates. Still disappointing to see that they couldn't nail it at launch but I'm still excited to get my hands on it and try it for myself. 

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