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Do online trophies first possible?

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Basically I got the MGS The Legacy Collection recently and from all the games included only Peace Walker has online trophies. I'm planning on playing and platinum the MGS games in order they were released so this one would be somewhere at the bottom. I looked at the trophy guide but it doesn't really specify how the multiplayer works so my question is whether I can start the game and do the online trophies first so I wouldn't have to worry about servers closing and making the plat unobtainable. Then come back and play the game properly after I was done with the previous ones.

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It's been 5 years since I did it so I don't want to say anything stupid.

I'd say the campaign is about a couple of hours max to the point of unlocking things and for MP "Vic Vos" is the most time consuming one (rest is really fast). There are different ways going about it but unless you get deep into the game the best method is playing VS matches. It can be set up to run on its own with 1 min matches. If I remember correctly you get 50 cam for 1 person per match and you need 20k cam. So with waiting time and all I'd say 10+ hrs for that. Of course if you have more people it becomes faster just don't play with too many people because there's a limit and new people cancel out the old ones.

If anyone has done this more recently or knows better please correct me as it's been a while. :lol:

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