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I´ve think about an easy way to do this trophy and found it


Everyone whos trying to do this and thought it was almost impossible , its not. First of all i will explain the Any thing you can do trophy 


                                                                                            ANY THING YOU CAN DO 

     This trophy requires you to Complete a Daily Friend Challenge through all return fire volleys in Quick Matches which basicly means you need to have a friend/alt account that have better stats than you and a challenge from him will appear in your MP menu.


     HOW TO DO IT : If you have a low challenge stats that should be easy to do.  If you have a challenge like Kill 3 in multiplayer or Do 3 intel assists , you only need to have an alt account just do one more , just kill or do an intel assist , thats enough to complete the challenge and easy to do in your alt account

EX:  If you kill 3 in your main account , you need to kill 4 in your alt, then comeback to your main and kill 5 , then go to your alt and kill 6 , then go to your main and kill 7 and thats it. Summing up you need to do 3 challenges and your alt needs to do 2. Only you will get the trophy so be sure that your account sends the challenge first.


                                                                   I CAN DO BETTER 


   This trophy requires you to Complete 20 Daily Friend Challenges in Quick Matches.  You will receive challenges in the MP menu. Accept the challenge before the match starts and then complete the requirements. You will get challenges from Friends and "Beat Your Best" challenges. Any of these challenges will work to unlock this trophy.  Im not sure if beat your best challenges will count but on all trophy guide foruns it says it counts. You can also get rid of a friend challenge by setting your system clock ahead one day and going back into the game.

   You can do this while doing the volleys with your alt account but it will take a while. what i suggest you to do is : 

      - After the ANY THING YOU CAN DO trophy ( or you can do it while completing it ) i suggest you to create 5 alt accounts to do this trophy.

EX: If you have 5 kills in total in your main account , it will appear *Kill 6 enemies in multiplayer * in all of your alt accounts, just go to your alt accounts, accept the challenges ( if it doesnt appear dont change your system clock , just delete your save data in your alt account till appears ) and beat it . Complete it in all of yours alt accounts  and finnaly go to your main and you will have 5 challenges to complete . The challenges will keep the same amount of kills even if you beat the challenge before . EX: You will receive the challenge :* kill  7 in a mp game* from your first alt account , you beat it but the challenge from your second and third and so on will keep 7 kills. that means you can always kill 7 in every challenge it wont upgrade to 8 kills. 


Im currently doing this trophy, and this information may not be  100% correct , if you have any detail to add just comment in the forum.

Any way sorry about some english mistakes , since im not fluent english speaker , may some phrases be confusing or poorly writen.

Just want to help everyone who needs those trophies , cheers!







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Good work sams16


i used the method for volleys and i earn the trophy


20 challenges now yet! 



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