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Starhawk Trophy Problem


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I don't recall any enemies in the campaign placing a proximity charge themselves in the campaign. I lost trust in the trophy guide that the game has simply because it lacked a lot of detail, which made going for some trophies still a chore. I highly doubt the guide writer attempted to do the trophy in single player, considering their video is done in multiplayer. This game doesn't have a LAN mode, because if you try to look at the game list then it forces you to connect to the servers to see anything, the only local multiplayer is with 2 controllers in split screen. Even 6 years ago people complained about Minor Miscalculation not working for them in single player and I never saw anyone post saying they got it to work there, it only took a minute to get it in multiplayer when the servers worked and worked with 2 controllers locally when the accounts could connect to the servers. 

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I didn't even use a trophy guide. I had no problem reading the descriptions and come to the conclusion that the trophy in question would be best done with a buddy. Not only that, the trophy is grouped in with the other mp trophies. Unless you're a new trophy hunter, you should recognize this as the usual pattern that comes up in many trophy sets that have both single player and multiplayer trophies in it. 


It's unfortunate that you missed this one trophy, however, you cannot blame Sony or Santa Monica Studios for your Minor Miscalculation.

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