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PS Now question


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A few years back there was a free ps now beta trial thing, I played a game on it and was wondering would the save data have been uploaded to my ps plus cloud? Or would it of been saved to the PS4 I played it on at the time? I’d like to go back to the game if I was to purchase ps now. 


Secondly, if I played a game on my ps3 like Skyrim for example, and wanted to play it through ps now (the ps3 version) would I be able to upload my ps3 save into the ps now version and play on my PS4 if I’ve saved it to the cloud?



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You need PS+ (which I see you have) to transfer saves. You have to upload your save from PS3 HDD or PSNow to PS+ cloud, then you can download it on the other end.


Edit: Nvm, my bad, I see you got that figured out. :facepalm:

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