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Trophy Thoughts?


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Looks like a decent enough list, sorry not to see a Platinum here, however. Been looking forward to this since E3, as Elijah Wood has surely worked on some decent enough things over the years, the concept sounded cool, and I'm a VR junkie.


11 story related trophies. Two "all collectibles" trophies. One rare event encounter/trigger/discovery.


All in all, sounds like a simplistic trophy ride to allow for enjoying the game more and trophies less. This, assuming the video+audio logs aren't too much of a pain to find/require replaying the entire game to unlock the trophy.

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Yeah, I didn't even notice that when I posted this... was more concerned with what I'd have to do to 100% this, but now that you mention it, they indeed are quite strikingly beautiful in their design.


Really some of the better looking trophy tiles I've seen so far, almost! If they put half as much thought and effort into the game as they did the trophy imagery, comparatively speaking to other games, this could just be a truly stellar little VR game!


I see it listed as 12/31/18 here, but this is out tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th, at least in the US, correct? Can't wait! Altho I've still gotta get to Spider-Man, too - so it might be a few days before I move on. Haven't started it yet, dunno if I will today or just wait and play this first, tomorrow. Choices, choices!





Eek! I just checked after posting... two folks already have this. One has all save the two collectible trophies. I see a total playtime of about two hours it took them to get it all done.


I dunno, two hours is *REALLY* pushing it for time from start to end of a game. If this is over $20... I hate to say I'd wait, but two hours total is on the extraordinarily short end of things, assuming there's little replayability - and since this seems more narrative and story driven, I'd have to say there won't be a ton of replayability to be found here short of getting those two collectible trophies down and 100%ing it.


Anyone have any ideas what the retail for this is supposed to be at release yet, in the US? Two hours... like I said, eek! 

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The game is incredibly easy, and pretty good too.  You can get the 100% in 30-45 minutes.     All collectibles are missable, but all are very easy.  The guide is exceptional, I didn't have to pause a single time, I was literally done in around 30-35 minutes.   $20 is a ripoff though, it's really $10-15 



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