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What are the top 25 remakes/cross-gens games on PS4 right now?


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We are coming up on the 5th year anniversary of a PlayStation 4. With that in mind I was wondering what would be considered the top 25 remakes and cross-gen games on PlayStation 4 right now?

In the past five years there have been quite a few remakes and re-release for the PlayStation 4 along with games that were released on PlayStation 3 and/or Vita along with the PlayStation 4 version. With that in mind I decided to ask the psnp community what are their top 25 remakes and cross-gen games on PlayStation 4.

This thread goes hand and hand with the other thread I made today. 


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Here my favourites in random  order, but I don't habr 25...




Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5

KH 2.8

FFXII The Zodiac age

Code Realise Sousei no Himegimi (Remake from the Vita version with the fan disk inc.)

Crash Bandicoot

Okami HD

Life is Strange

Atelier Sophie

Disgaea 1

FF Type-0

Shining Resonance Refrain


Tales of Berseria and Persona 5- available and released on PS3 and PS4 at the same time, so not sure if this counts. 


Looking forward to:


FF Crystal Chronicles




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In no particular order


Darksiders 1&2

Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed

Gat out of Hell

Sword Art Online Lost Song

Resident Evil Origins

Dragon's Dogma (too bad they had to remove Guts and Girffith's gear)

Tales of Berseria

Axiom Verge



That is all I can think of, only 11 games though since Origins is 1 and 0

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So far from all the ones I’ve played through. 

The last of us remastered 

Uncahrted collection 

Dark Souls 2 SotfS

Bioshock collection 

South Park SoT

Gravity rush remastered

Borderlands collection

far cry 3 classic

Olliolli 2


tomb raider definitive edition 




heavy rain


Burnout paradise 

shadow of the colossus 

crash bandicoot 

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