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Ledetchko Revenant trophy Guide.


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Here's the guide for the achievement/ trophy - 


Step 1 - Do everything the charlatan told you to do (swiping the eggs, pickpocket 5 rosaries, fake blood potion, replace the venison, the chicken, the mutton.) 


Here's the Fake Blood Recipe - 


- Wine


- St. John Wort 


- Poppy


- Thistle 


- Boil all of them at once ×1


- Finish



Step 2 - Ask the bailiff about the Revenant, he'll asked you for help getting rid of the ruffians, team up with the said ruffians in scaring the villagers.



Step 3 - Ask you best whining buds Fritz, & Matthew if they're still working with the Ledetchko Miller to help you scaring the villagers. (ignore this step if you got them killed or they're already moved on to Pribyslavitz) 



Step 4 - Kill a couple of villagers (killing them while they're asleep is advised).



Step 5 - Finish the quest and congratulations you've unlocked the achievement/ trophy!


Credit to reddit user u/soup_ayumi for helping me with the bailiff step. 

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