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2 of the best games ever made

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I just published my Castlevania Requiem Review over at Video Chums and although the port definitely isn't top-notch, you can't deny that the games featured here are a couple of the greatest games ever created. I sincerely hope that Konami releases an update that irons out all of the performance issues and glitches because these games deserve nothing but the best.

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1 hour ago, StrangeInStereo said:

Couldn't agree more with both of you.


Even after playing so many indie Metroidvanias (and some really good ones), SotN is still king.


Hoping Bloodstained is good, unfortunately I really hate how the game looks, but if the gameplay, level design and music are at least as good as in SotN I'll be happy.

Yes, I'm a bit worried about Bloodstained as well although I'm very happy that they recently delayed it in order to make it an even more enjoyable game. I wish more devs would do that!

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