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Missable trophies?


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Considering this game since it's on sale right now, but there really isn't much information out there...

Judging from the list here, there's multiple endings and collectibles.

-Is there a chapter select option or is save back-up necessary for the endings?

-I'm assuming Nightmare mode to be permadeath... Since the game is being compared to Dark Souls a lot, I'm thinking this may be a tricky one to get.

Anything else to be on the lookout for?


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Necro of an old post because I just played this, and as mentioned, there's not a lot of info about this one. The endings are missable - it is only possible to unlock two of 3 endings in a single save. The normal ending requires you to complete 4 "sunray sequences", each appearing after a boss. If you fail any of them, you are locked into the bad ending. The good ending is similar, but requires additionally collecting 4 Shrines of Courage. You can do Normal + Bad in one playthrough or Good + Bad, but once you reach the final boss - it's a point of no return, so you're not able to go collect Shrines of Courage in the same save as the normal playthrough. I suppose in theory you could back up your save to the cloud before approaching the final boss, but given that you have to play the game twice anyways, it makes more sense to go for the good ending on your normal playthrough and the normal ending on your nightmare playthrough. The sunray sequences are pretty easy to fail if you don't look up what to do beforehand - you have to know where to carry your daughter in a short amount of time while avoiding enemies. I knew exactly where to go in the forest sequence and still almost failed it during both playthroughs. I failed my final sequence on Nightmare and quickly quit out of the game which prevented me from getting locked out of the normal ending.


All collectibles (Shrines, Fragments of Luce, NPC dialogue, etc.) are reachable at any point up until approaching the final boss. Difficulties do not stack as Nightmare isn't available until you complete normal difficulty. That being said, Nightmare is actually a New Game+ (all weapons and health upgrades carry over). Enemies are stronger and environments are darker. There is no permadeath though, everything else is functionally the same as normal. The punishment for dying in this game is losing all progress toward upgrading your health bar (a meter fills up with each consecutive kill), and you have to return to where you died to bring your daughter back from death. I didn't notice nightmare being more difficult than normal except in maybe one or two of the dungeons. At times it was easier because you have stronger weapons than you did in the same spot in normal difficulty.


In terms of difficulty, it starts out really frustrating, but if you use a guide that tells you where stronger weapons are, it starts to get much easier. Once you collect 50 fragments of Luce, a blacksmith gives you a sword so powerful that its heavy attack kills most enemies in one hit.


Is this game any good? Personally I really didn't like it. I thought the graphics were pretty ugly and the combat was horrendous and so frustrating. Level layouts were too large and open, which led to a lot of confusion and padded time. Even with a guide, the first playthrough will probably take like 8-10 hours to collect everything and the 2nd playthrough that is more of straight shot (except one collectible that can't be obtained in normal mode) is around 3 hours. The platinum is not hard if you're dedicated, but getting over the initial hump of frustration for such a sub-par game is probably why completion percent is so low. Maybe I'm being harsh on a game that was developed by two people. It is certainly playable, but it's rough and its total length is comparable to some triple A games. If you're looking for a quick and easy plat, there are plenty of better options. If you're looking for a game that has a low platinum percentage that requires more patience than skill to finish, this might be a good fit for you.



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