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Save the World is account-locked


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Just thought I'd share my Fortnite/PSN customer service rep experience from yesterday as a warning to other Fortnite parents...


I wanted to give the Save the World campaign to my son for his birthday, and bought it from my PSN account since it is age-restricted on his. It didn't unlock for him, so I contacted customer service.

They explained that the campaign was linked to the Fortnite account and not shareable between PSN accounts on the same device. They pointed out the legal language, to which I replied that it was identical to all their other, shareable games', of which I own hundreds. They changed the topic.


Even though I never actually opened Fortnite on my account, they told me no reimbursement was possible as per "policy" and the campaign couldn't be switched to another account. Escalating to a supervisor did not help. It just made me angry when he started saying he "didn't want to waste your time so will let you go".


Thought I'd let others know so they don't make the same "mistake" / be ripped off the same way.


Anyhow. I'm out $27 and angry at Sony. If anyone knows of possible avenues to be heard (I'll likely complain to the Canadian Competition Bureau out of principle), I'd like to hear about them!

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14 hours ago, visighost said:

Anyhow. I'm out $27 and angry at Sony. If anyone knows of possible avenues to be heard (I'll likely complain to the Canadian Competition Bureau out of principle), I'd like to hear about them!


Because of the way Epic does their accounts you *might* be able to get around this. 




Set up an Epic account, and link that account to your Playstation account. Then log in to Fortnite on your Playstation account. 


Make sure the accounts are properly linked. Set an active hero (I think the game does this for you by giving you a blue Ramirez). Then check Stormshield One and typing in the Epic account name to check the profile:


It should show that blue Ramirez as your active hero. (Sometimes SS1 kicks you over to the PvP statistics. If it does that just use this link but replace my Username with yours: https://www.stormshield.one/pve/stats/SolarCat02). Stormshield One can only read accounts based on the Epic account name, not PSN, so this is how you know they are linked. 


If it is showing properly on Stormshield One the accounts are linked, and you should (hopefully!) be able to unlink your PSN and link his instead via the Epic website. If this does not work Epic may be able to help you. 


Epic fortunately prefers to typically tie the game access to their account rather than Sony's so the same account can access via multiple devices. So in spite of Sony's unhelpfulness you might still be okay. Good luck! 


EDIT: One last note, if you are trying to keep trophies off your profile, the first one I have is for defending a survivor, and the second is for completing the first mission. So if it starts you in the first mission quit the game before defending any survivors. 

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Thanks, that's very kind of you. I ended up buying the campaign for him directly through Epic as well though - needed to in order for him to get it for his bday. His PC-Epic account is linked to his PSN one.


I'll still contact Epic directly though - if Sony's argument is that they've already transferred the money to them, maybe they can at least issue a partial refund... Though multiple stakeholders makes this much more complex, and I have the feeling this is how all online stores (unfairly) get out of trouble: "We're mere intermediaries, can't do anything!". Of course, developers/publishers in turn say they can't issue refunds since it went through the store... Class action lawsuit waiting to happen! :P

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Epic is hit or miss with that. I know some people who were refused. I know another who got a full refund of the most expensive package and somehow still has full access to the game and extra rewards. (In which case you could play with your son I suppose, if you have two PS4s or a gaming PC). 


I hope you have luck in getting a refund! 

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