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Beta progress - not retroactive


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Just thought I'd make a thread passing this info on since I haven't seen anyone mention it (maybe I'm blind) and some people might have 'out of order' trophies that could be falsly flagged. 


If you carry over beta progress you'll have skipped a couple trophies that don't retroactively unlock and will need a new character to obtain them.


I don't have the game myself, not sure if I will but I played the beta with a friend and he has the full game now and any trophy progress made in the beta was essentially skipped.

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Trophies have popped for me covering my beta progress each time I competed a relevant action e.g.kill 300 features popped when I killed my first mole rat after loading up the release version of the game for the first time.


However the leave Vault 76 trophy hasn’t popped nor has the level 10 trophy, I started the release version at level 17.

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8 hours ago, GTAJJ said:

Pete Hines has tweeted that certain trophies will ping but ones related to quests and levelling will not from Beta progress. I just made a new character to be safe. Annoying I know :(




Why don’t you just create a new character only for those few trophies then go back to your main character instead of starting again? That’s what I’m doing, unless you progressed very far during the beta!

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59 minutes ago, InfraRedPS said:

unless you progressed very far during the beta!


Exactly this reason. Luckily, I'm just biting the bullet as I haven't done too much but there are people who are level 25, 50 even some guy was 65 and launched a nuke in the beta. Redoing all that is a grind again for lack of/withholding information.


Why tell everyone that all progress will carry over and not state the trophies won't. That is progression still. Also I found my CAMP removed on my BETA character too.

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