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Look what the cat dragged in... again -^ ^-


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Hi everyone, sorry I'm late and all...


I'm Jen and I stuck around for quiet some time now. I usually don't talk much about myself and don't want to aggrendize myself, so I tend to avoid introductions like this ^^"

Usually I pop up somwhere, give 2 cents, sometimes more and not everyone likes my honesty, then I disappear again bc when I said what I mean I think thats enough, and that's why I don't participate in forum-games or something.

But behind the stage I read lots of things and enjoy being part of the community from the shadows.

I am still learning a lot regarding my english skills, I'm from germany and used to suck at english in school, until we found out that I am hard of hearing which was part of the problem and that was when I was 20, so I was late to the party in all possible ways xD So ty for your understanding. But Doing everything in english (watching my favourite TV shows and playing games) is the best training along with a forum like this ;) 


I trophy-hunt for 3 years now, since I got my PS3 very late and only got slowly into the topic. But 2016 I started to enjoy talking about my experience in my german blog and that's the time my hunt really started.

While I love to play just my favorite games and franchises I also feel the urge to complete things so I became pretty strict with myself regarding games I put into my list and rather play some thing on a test/secondary accound but If I find myself enjoying a game SO MUCH that I want it to represent my interests I will add it to my account anyway. And as much I love a 100% list I would never start a new account even with  my early sins. A few are hidden right now but right now I think about what to do with them...


Genres of games I really like are RPGs and some time ago I would have said even JRPGs too, but that changed since I feel the genre kinda changed imo or at least in my perception. So I love Final Fantasy even if it's getting shittier (Dissidia :rolleyes:) but also a good roguelike thingy, I used to say I hate first person shooter and first person in generell but found myself enjoying ZombiU and destiny2 for some time (I'm afraid I will never plat that one). one of my absolute favorites is dead by daylight but I also love rhythem games, platformer and trying everything out with my VR. Right now I am addicted to Beat saber!


At the end of 2018 I felt the strange urge to start stream again, I already tried that but never got into it deep enough to buy propper equipment. I changed that und try to establish a channel now on twitch and youtube.

I won't link it here, this is no ad but you can search for my name or find it in my profile ;) 


Last but not least, I'm happy I found a site like this which matches my interest in statistics and does a better job than Sony :rolleyes:  and brings ppl together from all over the world. I tried a few over the years and well... I think I will just stay here. Which was in the end one of the reasons to become premium 2 years ago (I think? oO) and to write the introduction now and out myself officially as addicted xD And mybe a bit to overcome my socially awkwardness and shyness^^"

I'd happily get to know more of you, so...

Hi everyone^^






PS: Did I mention that I love to write huge textwalls xD just in case you haven't noticed.

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16 hours ago, starcrunch061 said:

Is that your picture in the avatar? If so, I've seen you here for a while (though you had a difference screen-name). If not, who is this person who is appearing in multiple avatars?


In any case, ummm, welcome to the site welcome section of the site!

Hi and thanks :)


Yes this is me and if you take a look at my PSN Profile you will find the different screen name ;) It was my PSN name but I changed it for the Forum :)

The name right now is the one I use for my social media and channels.

Hopefully noone is stealing my ava ?

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