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Awesome Pea Trophy List the game will release 1st of March 2019


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cheers, short first statement for the vita version. i highly warn everybody to play this shit, the whole engine is broken as hell. donÄ't know what sometimes you thinks they are doing but this is NOT a game, it's cancer. I'm halfway through but now i'm stuck at a level i can't finish, because the framerate drops down to a point, where i have a jump delay of almost a second!! it's hardly doable to jump through those razors. there is an animated waterfall in the back i think this animation causes the troubles. 


despite this, the whole game lacks on so many things. this was my last sometimes you game on vita. 


really, be advised guys!!



Edit: got the platinum now, the game gets easier when you reach the final world and luckily without framerate drops, but some levels are really really buggy.

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