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Hello Community, since there is no contribution regarding "General things about this game" so far, I would like to share some insights with you that I could gain so far.


For many things I always compare the Wii version with the current PS4 version: Usually it's just name adjustments for a better consistency in the naming within the Final Fantasy universe.


Often, I will also use the Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Jobs and Items Guide (Version 1.10) by Eleinia (April 9, 2009) which you can find here:


Will update this post in the future if i have time.

Best regards





Removed elements:


- Pop-Up Duel (Card game mini game) and Pop-Up Duel cards themselves.
- Romantic Phrases: Since this features was mainly used for getting Pop-Up Duel cards it got removed also. Jobs and dungeons that could be acquired through Romantic Phrases can now be acquired elsewhere.
- Mini games which used the Wii Remote for playing where removed.

- Day and Night-Cycle got removed.


Partially modified elements:


- Adjustment of scenario (Some Dungeons must be completed on some points in the story, there is no way getting around of this).
- Some dialogues are modified.
- Partially new voice recording.
- Added Attributes: Wind, Dark, Light (Light got changed from the way it was on Wii >> Now it is just the opposite of dark).
- Seals and synthesis follow the rules defined in the DS version.

- Cid’s Adventure: Cid’s Adventure, which was a new story added to the Japan-only DS Remake of "FF Fables: Chocobo´s Tales", has been re-interpreted as part of the story and the new Dungeon "Ancient Ruins" was added in Chapter V to reflect this.


Newly added elements:


- Added four new jobs: Red Mage, Beastmaster, Machinist, Alpha.
- Added buddy system: 3 Categories: 1) Characters >> With 14 characters // 2)Monsters >> 26 categories with 112 monsters // 3) Extra >> 18 monsters which where either bosses or sub bosses in this game, 4)DLC >> For DLC Buddies on PS4 >> Beastmaster and Alpha.
- Appearances of characters of past Chocobo´s Mysterious Dungeon-Games.
- Added Co-Op 2 player gameplay: Players which are playing the buddy on Co-OP can use one action (Attack, Special) until Chocobo makes his move (Ability, Attack, take one step), can navigate the whole floor but are ported back near Chocobo when they are too far away, and best part: They can walk away when they attacked or used special but can only attack or use special again when Chocobo made his move.

==> But still the second player doesn´t get the trophy set installed on his or her PSN account and so only player one should get trophies.


Elementary resistances:


- Because this version has more similarity with the DS Remake from the original Wii game the vulnerabilities of opponents have also changed (Since I unfortunately do not know how to attach a picture from the game here, I try it in text form): Stone >> Thunder >> Water >> Fire >> Blizzard >> Aero >> Stone // Light >> Dark >> Light.

- So, pay attention if you fight opponents and use a guide of the Wii version: Recommend to use a Blizzard spell in case of a fire opponent is to use water magic with the PS4 version!




Freelancer  >>>  Start of Game (Unmissable)
Knight  >>>  Mayor Gale´s Memories (Unmissable)
Dragoon  >>>  Meja´s Memories (Unmissable)
Dark Knight  >>>  Guardian of Light (Unmissable)
Ninja  >>>  Volg´s Memories (Accessible after beating Amouri´s Memories... I think i had to beat Amouri´s Memories for the story)
Thief  >>>  Steal from Merchant Mog X (In Guardian of Fire  >>> Earliest possibility... Then run for your life ;P)
Scholar  >>>  Guardian of Water (Unmissable)
Black Mage  >>>  Guardian of Fire (Unmissable)
White Mage  >>>  Pastor Roche´s Memories (I think i had do this for the story so would say is unmissable)
Dancer  >>>  Claire´s Memories (Little Girl // Acessible after beating Roddy´s Memories [Little Boy] // Think this was avaiable from Chapter 4 onwards or Postgame at Mirror of Training)
Red Mage  >>>  Charlotte´s Memories (Chocobo Girl in Farm Silo on Stella´s Farm >> Was "Romantic Hero X"-Location in Wii Version)
Beastmaster  >>>  Atla´s Memories (Moogle in Farm Silo on Stella´s Farm >> Was "Romantic Hero X"-Location in Wii Version // Accessible after beating Charlotte`s Memories)
Machinist  >>>  The Genius Inventor´s Memories (Empty House (Same region as Mayor´s house and so on >> Memory Dungeon of "Other Cid" // Must beat Another White Mage´s Memories before ("Little/Other Shirma" version named Shiroma // After beating "The Genius Inventor´s Memories" the dungeon "The Keeper´s Memories" becomes avaiable)
Alpha  >>>  Interdimensional Rift Dungeon (You need to clear Mystery Dimension-Dungeon before Interdimensional Rift Dungeon will be avaiable)


Cows on Stella's Farm:


- The monologues of the cows do not change from chapter 1 to chapter 5. So: Reading once in Chapter 1 is enough.

- In Chapter 6 they just praise Chocobo for helping everybody and so on.


Forging (honing, fusing):


- The forge will be available as soon as Freja has her memories back.

- Honing can also be done from that point on (in the Wii version this was probably only possible after the Fire Dungeon).

- If you try to honing above the maximum capacity (Like Item can only be honed to +94, but you need +99 for the trophy), the game saves directly after the attempt! Therefore, it is recommended to back up the savegame first!
- The Polishing Cream item has also been added: +1 Honing for free (Of course only for items that are still allowed for honing (you can't hone beyond the maximum capacity).

- At Freja you can get +1 Hone for every 10 floors you play up to a maximum of 5.

- It´s faster to collect cheap saddles and talons with high bonus (like +1, +2,+3 and so on) and to fuse them together with the good gear you have (Select fuse >> Select your good gear >> Select other gear with high bonus >> Fuse).




- Names are consistent with the Wii version

- Bonuses have changed

- Four flower varieties can be picked from the soil as soon as flowers can be planted.

- The remaining four flower varieties can be obtained at chapter 5




- The black fat Chocobo now sells Spell Books (Sells also the [in my opinion] important Sight Books later ==> Which show whole floor map, monsters and traps).

- The white fat Chocobo is now bank and storage in one.

- The space in the storage is still increased if you give the white Chocobo a fish to eat that he had never eaten before.
- Maximum for storage in the bank is 84.




- Lures:
a. Regular Lure >> Get from Stella (You get the regular lure automatically after some game dialogs (you don't keep it in the farm shed anymore).
b. Deluxe Lure >> Think i got this after some fishing
c. Master Lure >> Received at Postgame (Chapter VI)


- There have been changes with the fishes compared to the Wii version (either name changes or deletions/additions).
a. Greedie
b. Hamsie
c. Ogre Eel
d. Pipira

e. Veydal Wrasse
f.  Alabaligi
g. Giant Catfish
h. Giant Chirai
i. Titanic Sawfish


- Fish can either be fed to the white Chocobo (see above: Only possible once for "new" fish) or sold at Marris's Mola Mola shop (when the bucket is full).


Harry´s shop (Near forge):


- At the beginning of a new chapter, Harry offers to buy a new bag directly by addressing a Harry.

- If you cancel this (e.g. because you don't have the required amount of Gil) you can cancel the shop dialog and simply address it again.

- The bags have become more expensive.

- Last Bag is the Legendary Bag which is purchaseable at Postgame (Chapter VI) >> 48 Slots maximum.


Equipment and Item Name Consistency Changes:


General recommendation from me: Take the Wii item list and look at the description of the in-game items. The item bonuses haven't changed, so you can quickly find the items.




- Poor Talons >> Unlucky Talons

- Confusion Talons >> Confuse Talons

- Stop Talons >> Immobilizing Talons

- Eye-drop Saddle >> No-Blind Saddle

- Calm Saddle >> No-Confuse Saddle

- Disabling Saddle >> Silence Saddle

- Amateur Saddle >> No-SP Saddle


- Halt Spell Book >> Immobilize Spell Book


New Spell Books:


- Aero

- Water

- Stone

- Sleepga

- Slowga


New Items:


- Polishing Cream

- Earth drum

- See Serpent Scale

- Roc Feather



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they took away the mini-games oh well that was the best part.


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New Items:


Roc Feather

Sea Serpent Scale

Arctic Wind


Flowers: Zeio no longer give 600 JB but full restore SP

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Dancer job is located in little girl's memory located in the park(front of Charlotte's house). You have to clear the little boy's memory first before you can do the little girl's memory. 


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Thank you @JaM  :) . Knew this already but did not edit my post. Now nearly all jobs are listed, only the last one is missing.

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