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M$ announces Mattrick's Replacement!


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So the person behind the wildly successful Windows 8 launch>>insert sarcasm here<< will replace Don "If you don't have internet buy a Xbox 360" Mattrick and she will now be launching the Xbone! (insert joke here)




Julie Larson-Green set to replace Don Mattrick as Xbox One boss - Report
July 3, 2013 6:21AM PDT

Management reshuffle at Microsoft could see Julie Larson-Green manage Microsoft's entire hardware division.

Windows boss Julie Larson-Green is set to take charge of Microsoft's hardware division, including the Xbox, a Bloomberg report has said.




Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is set to announce a management reshuffle next week, with Larson-Green in line to oversee the division in charge of producing the Xbox One and Surface tablets. Bloomberg also reports that Skype president Tony Bates is being lined up to manage acquisitions and relationships with Microsoft software developers, but that the potential restructuring isn't finalised and is subject to change.

Don Mattrick was reported to have been lined up for the position, before departing Microsoft to join social gaming giant Zynga as its CEO earlier this week.

Larson-Green has worked at Microsoft for 19 years, and has overseen the launch of Windows 7 and its more controversial successor Windows 8. She also led the visual redesign introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, and her earlier work at the company saw her working on Internet Explorer 3.0 and 4.0.


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