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damned dlc is out in psn store


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Its cheap 4.99 euros or like 6 usd.

I played almost until the end, but noticed trophies arent popping. Is it too early or no trophies for psn?


I saw there are for steam..


Anyways, CEO "steam achievement" is missable, you need to unlock his room in turist area.


I will wait for psn to update the list and replay.



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Yeah it's seeming like there is no trophies for the PS DLC....??


There has been no update for the game recently, no DLC trophies have added to my trophy list, would be a shame if there is none, especially seeing Steam has achievements for it.  I like the game but would need a bit of extra motivation to buy the DLC, without trophies I probably won't bother.


EDIT: Oh and I just checked the store and no mention of trophies on the Damned DLC where as it was listed as a feature in the Dead Man DLC description on the store, would make me think there will be no trophies on this latest DLC then..... ?

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