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Game removed from the PS store... (Sweden)


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So it took 1 week longer for it to release in Sweden and now today when i went online to buy it, it has been removed for whatever reason. 


Like wtf.... Why do they do things like that? It's so fucking annoying...... Guess it won't ever come online again either...... Sweden PS store is fucking worthless.


Any news if it will ever get a physical release?


Untitled Goose game is nowhere to be found either. 

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1 hour ago, JPageMartin36 said:

That's odd. Hopefully it's just a case of some kind of maintenance and it will be back on soon.


I'm near the end of my first playthrough (not trying for trophies yet) and it's a pretty decent game. Highly recommended.



I threw somewhat of a tantrum yesterday. Had been waiting for this game for so long and the it never released on the date it should, it took 1 week longer for some reason. When i then was going online to buy the game 2 days ago it was removed from the store and my wishlist. But i was some licensing issue or something because it was back on the store today. So i hurried up and bought it this time. Can't wait to start playing it finally.

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