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Any beneficial glitch?


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12 minutes ago, Angulus said:

I heard the grenade launcher glitch for infinite ammo was fixed. Someone know if the game have other glitchs that can I use for help? 

not really any other glitch that im aware of. your best bet is to use youtube or guides on how to best tackle some of the harder trophies. good luck!

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The only thing that worked for me on the hardest difficulty was learning to bait the zombies into lunges. It's not a cheat or an exploit, you basically just have to run towards them, then quickly move away. 9/10 times they'll go in for a lunge, and that makes them harmless for several seconds as that animation has a really long recovery time. It takes a little practice but once you've got it down you can avoid having to fight zombies- and by extension their tougher Crimson Head counterparts- altogether.
I know this isn't as exciting as a new exploit but it's the one piece of advice that made all the difference for me, hope it helps.

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