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On 2/16/2020 at 0:23 PM, A_J_P72 said:

I know with the vita version of this game you can boost yourself with an account on ps3, can you do the same by using your main account on ps3 and fighting an alt on the vita? Thank you for your responses


You can self boost the game with any mix of 2 PS3's, 2Vitas, or 1 of each. Problem is if you succeed. I have 4 chances as have 2 of each, meeting myself has proven to be impossible. This game is awful in connections and I've tried with several people. You'll be able to boost with some people and no chances with others. It works better if your opponent is on another continent. My best and more reliable connections are with US players, can't almost connect to any european ones, or works awfully.


Good luck.


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