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Inside Xbox Series X: the full specs


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"This is it. After months of teaser trailers, blog posts and even the occasional leak, we can finally reveal firm, hard facts on Xbox Series X. We visited Microsoft's Redmond WA mothership in the first week of March, we saw the unit, handled it, played on it and even constructed it from its component parts. We've seen the NVMe expandable storage, we've had our first taste of hardware accelerated ray tracing on next-gen console and we've seen how one of Microsoft's most talented developers is looking to enhance one of the most technically impressive games available today for the new Xbox. We've had a taster of some brilliant backwards compatibility features - and yes, today we can reveal the full, official specification for the Xbox Series X console."


Full article: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-inside-xbox-series-x-full-specs#comments


Xbox Series X will require proprietary cards to expand hard drive space - US Gamer


Xbox Series X: Making Gaming’s Best Controller Even Better - Xbox.com





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A few more videos 

Xbox Series X - Loading Times Tech Demo


Xbox Series X - Quick Resume Tech Demo


edit: watched both Digital Foundry videos and I gotta say the next gen looks impressive. Not just for Xbox Series X, but PS5 as well as it is supposed to be very similar in specs. SSD makes load times very short, and the ray tracing on consoles is a big leap in graphics. Being able to switch between multiple games is cool, but I don't see myself ever doing that. External storage SSD's that look like memory cards are awesome too. But they'll probably be very expensive.


Honestly, so far Series X looks like a good place to start playing Xbox for me. Backwards competibility is the main selling factor. Hopefully, the newly acquired studios will produce some new quality titles as well (Xbox one library didn't really impress me).


Too bad that I'm a poor bitch and always a generation behind. Getting a PS4 and a Switch this year would be a priority.


But cool info anyway. Now we wait for the PS5 reveal. And I'm interested to hear the prices for both. What do you expect they will be, guys? 500 bucks? 

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