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Tips for Tentacular!?

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Somebody...please...for love of Jebus give me something. No fight in this entire game has been THIS difficult up until now. I have scoured the net for tips. Outside of wasting my time grinding for levels and boring myself to tears...I have tried everything. I have the cannon, I've used buffs and debuffs, and putting him to sleep and attacking the tentacles and attacking just him and changing up who's in my party and forging new/better weapons

None of it matters! This fight is so beyond unfair and fucked up. On his turn he's allowed 3-5 attacks on me, I get my turn and only ONE of my party members is allowed to do anything before it goes back to being his turn again with the same 3-5 attacks that always do enough to nearly kill my party. Rab and Serena can't heal enough, much less allow me to re-apply buffs and debuffs when needed. Not to mention, it takes WAY too long to take out the tentacles...we're talking like 8 hits per one just to take it out, only for him to regenerate them anyways.

My party is level 21-23...and every tip I found on Reddit seems to say people did it around level 21 without much issue (of course). So what am I doing wrong here? This thing has killed me 9 times now and I'm nowhere closer to beating him then when I started, and every time I've tried a different approach.

Please tell me someone has some approach to this that heavily works in your favor? Talk about a severe, unneeded difficulty spike.

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I actually just beat this boss :)


I was level 23/24 and using a team of Hero, Veronica, Rab and Jade.


My Hero and Rab playing defensive and just kept healing. Veronica used Bang to keep hitting all the tentacles and when the left/right one would die i would switch to Frizzle to do a lot of damage to the boss. Finally Jade kept using her Hip Drop move which did 82 damage every turn.


I did lose Veronica but Rab has Zing so he brought her back.


All in all not too tough of a fight.

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I used Hero, Erik, Sylvando, and Jade. Erik and Sylvando have their synergy that works really well in boss fights with cobra strike and victimiser. Slyvando has hustle dance for heals and a attack buff that can be used on Erik to boost victimiser, this works for like all the bosses, Jade can be switched around for whoever you want. Veronica is a good replacement because of the aoe magic hitting all tentacles.

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Finally! I got him!


I think my main difference maker here was Erik was specced for Boomerangs, so I switched him over to dual wielding knives (which I was planning to do later anyways). So having Hero for Bang, Erik with Persecutter, Cobra Strike and Victimizer, Slyv with Oomph and Hustle Dance and Serena purely for healing made a world of difference...this fight was a cake walk in comparison to the trouble I was having before. Plus Erik and the Hero both managed to get pepped up towards the end (which wasn't happening in the other fights), so having Scorched Earth always helps too.


Thanks for the tips! :) 

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