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Immense Battleborn server problems


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 Ok I'll give it a shot!  Im working on ISIC Right now,  (Oddly enough his lore seems super simple.. ) 
(Edit:)  It saves there Character progression, such as EXP - and Appearance but it didn't save any lore Progress - I had finished (Ocoban mining exploration report) and 10/60 Magnus self-review: Mag_MRBX-1210 - lore wasn't saved. but yea it does show in match history.

 @Sinthoras_96 - Most likely 2k or gearbox support
unfortunately i have a few people in my PSN chat who have contacted them, and they have gotten responces such as ( Reset PS4 to clear cash) or ( we are still working on this problem, we are aware of it, and hope to have it fixed soon)
but lets be honest. The game's shutting down in a few months, they aren't putting resources into the upkeep at all.  

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On 22.8.2020 at 11:44 PM, Niamh5445 said:

@Blackmist_FFXI It doesn't show the stats screen but it does save the match and the lore progress, can confirm as i did this with Bolders challenges. You can see the stats in the match history section on the main menu, the game you quit out of will be labelled as incomplete. 

Do XP also safe this way? 

If yes we can simply quit right before matches end and grind the challenges and rank that way without problems. 


You would only need saved matches for advanced and hardcore difficulty trophies and those challenges that specifically require to win a match 

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@Blackmist_FFXI thats a shame thats the lore isn't sticking for you. Hopefully they fix whatever it is that blocks the server saving the games. 

@Sinthoras_96 currently for me if i quit right at the end everything saves so exp, lore, gear, challenge progression etc but clearly this isn't the same for everyone as just above blackmist isn't having the same results as i am. 

I should also say the only lore this doesn't work with is complete 3 matches with specific characters as quitting doesn't complete the lore. I've been brute forcing a lose on hardcore mode of archive to get them to save with a 50/50 success rate. 

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After the maintenance yesterday all matches have saved for me currently up to 6 (2 story missions and 4 quick hardcore and jump off a cliff) fingers crossed it stays this way for a while! 

*Edit @12:45pm BST i've now done 30 games where i just walk off the cliff and every single one saved so get the story done while you can! 

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On 8/23/2020 at 0:36 AM, Sinthoras_96 said:

What would be the best way to contact them about this issue? 

2K support, Gearbox Forum, 2K/Gearbox/Battleborn Twitter..... ? 

Last time I filed a ticket at Gearbox customer support and whether it was coincedence or not, a day later I got a response they were gonna take up the issue and another day later everything worked fine again.

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3 hours ago, Sinthoras_96 said:

Yeah it's time to knock out as much as possible. Who knows, how long it will last 

Ya its still going strong


I suggest banging out any lore that requires multiple matches. As doing example

6k w/marquise. An it not saving is a pain lol!.


 And kid ultra for sure! His lore req. Min. 25 matches

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