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Platinum Walkthrough


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Walker 02:05

Broken Spaceship 03:24

Robot Repeat 04:10

Looper 04:41

Step and Stop 08:10

First Challenge 09:10

Advance and repeat 11:35

Last moment step 12:38

King of the hill & Infinite Loop 13:20

12 steps to get his arm & Forward and Backward &  Full body 14:05

Engineer 15:28

Full the well 16:49

Espiral 18:42

Monkey Knight 20:26

Up and Down 21:47

Clever 22:47

Blast Off & Perfect Run 25:07

Skewed 27:13

Lucky Gorila 29:26


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On 9/1/2020 at 9:49 PM, NathanielJohn said:

Anyone found a fix for this? I’m stuck at the exact same spot.


For whatever reason, the robot won't detect the cloud when it arrives in front of him, so don't start with the wait front. Just start with the forward command. Then time it right so you start the sequence when the cloud is in front of you.

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